Church Capital Campaign Materials, Customized.

For more cohesive capital campaign materials, leave the creative work to Abstract Union! We handle the design and implementation of all print, web, social, email/SMS, and video marketing deliverables. Get tailored capital stewardship campaign media to inspire growth beyond capital! Use our humanized online project planning system to build a custom capital campaign communication package, and we will execute it end-to-end.

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What We Offer.

Your  mission is fueled by fiscal discipline, enduring time, and unwavering faith. We channel your ministry’s culture to build print and digital communication assets that resonate (Church Capital Campaign Brochures, Donation Microsites, and more).

Why It's Important.

“Realization” is a difficult task! Therefore, why use copy/paste template services to convey one of your most consequential messages? You need consistent, integrated multimedia communications to project the proper image and make your audience fully aware.

How Much It Costs.

We quote customize packages based on needs and quantities- no project is too big or small!

Our Services In a Nut Shell.

Church Consulting & Financing Partners.

UBT Church Financing

We can work with Charity Kuehn, Union Bank's VP of Church Financing, to get your lending solutions off the ground.


Church Capital Campaign Slogans, Themes, & Ideas.

FAQs for Church Capital Campaign Services.

Image Resolutions?

We need all of your images to be 150-300 dpi at full production size.


Logo Formats?

We need  your logo to be a  vector based file - preferably .eps file for high quality design and printing.


Our Style?

We aim for sophistication by way of simplification. After fully absorbing your needs and specifications, our creative energy is put towards generating compelling solutions and thoughtful reductions for clarity. Simplifying things for clarity is not easy! However, calculated refinement fosters more meaningful and effective marketing communication.


Why Abstract Union?

Choosing the right message, look, and capital campaign materials can be somewhat of a daunting task. Our unique insight, experience, and resources makes the process of acquiring effective marketing deliverables less tedious and time-consuming.

Most importantly, the power of faith is in the DNA of everything we do! As we help church leaders reach their goals, we never take for granted the opportunities of collaboration and fellowship. We celebrate the diversity of people and their creative point of views, honoring all with respect and dignity. Together, we'll build a more impactful capital campaign, and  leverage customization to achieve better "top of mind" awareness. Along with our faith and character, this is what sets us apart!

Our Capital Campaign Process.

24+ Print & Digital Options to Build Your Church Capital Campaign Communication Package.



1- Capital Campaign Logo Design

Your Slogan put into strategically crafted symbolism, sets the tone of the entire campaign, optional abbreviated versions for small design placement.

2- Multipage Brochures

Also known as a Case Statement Booklet or Devotional Journal, 3 vertical/horizontal sizes: 5.5×8.5 in., 6×9 in., 8.5×11 in. with stitch or perfect binding (8-96pg.), design, print, ship.

3- Folded Brochures

Used as Case Statements, to inform financial goals, or how to pledge, 9 different sizes: from 6x9 in. to 12x18 in., up to 11 types of folds available, design, print, ship.

4- Commitment Cards

Also known as Pledge Cards or Promise Cards, typically 9x3 in. 2–sided, more sizes available, design, print, ship.

5- Stickers & Labels

Crack & Peel, square/rectangle, 2x3.5 in. to 8.5x11 in. or roll label shapes: circle, starburst, oval, rounded square/rectangle, design, print, ship.

6- Presentation Folders

Commonly 9x12 in., used to present an integrated set of materials to achieve 1 concerted outcome, 5 available sizes, design, print, ship.

7- Event Invitation

Commonly used 4x6 in. folded greeting cards or 4x6 in. postcards, design, print, ship.

8- Envelopes

Variety sizes and uses: #9 as Return Envelope, A-4 Invitation Envelopes, 9x12 in. Booklet Envelope, design, print, ship.


9- Presentation Docs

Commonly 8.5x11 in. 2-sided and used as a financial goals report, gift pyramid, event schedules, or Q & A pages, design, print, ship.

10- Newsletters

Commonly 8.5×11 in., 2-sided sheet to multi-page booklet, design, print, ship.

11- Bookmarks

Typically used as a Prayer Bookmarks, can come multi-messaged, 2 sided 2×8 in., design, print, ship.

12- Offering Envelopes

Also known as money/check and remittance envelopes, short or long flap, 3.625×6.5 in., design, print, ship.

13- Bulletin Inserts

Commonly bulk-ordered and used as an insert into your existing church/worship program handouts, 5.5×8.5 in., 2-sided, design, print, ship.

14- Posters  & Flyers

Used to maximize exposure for recall, multiple sizes (ranging from 11×14 in. to 40×60 in.), can come bulk or individual, design, print, ship.

15- Vinyl Banners

Over 200 vertical and horizontal options to economically gain indoor and outdoor exposure, sizes: 12×24 in. up to 72×240 in., design, print, ship.

16- Wall Art

High-end Framed, metal standoff, or mounted art to adorn the walls of your church, and keep your capital campaign theme top-of-mind with donors, various sizes, design, print, ship

17- Display Retractable Banners

Table Top 8.5×11.875 in. to 15.75×32.125 in. and floor displays 23.5×83 in. to 47×83.75 in., design, print, ship.

18- Postcard Mailers

For short-formatted content, sizes: 4×6 in. up to 6×11 in. for Standard / First Class Mail, designed, printed, and mailed to your address list.

19- Brochure Mailers

For medium-formatted content, sizes: 8.5×11 in., Tri-Fold or Half Fold, for both Standard and First Class Presort Mail, designed, printed, and mailed to your address list.

20- Letterhead In Envelope Mailers

Medium to short multi-page content, Folded 8.5×11 in. Letterhead or Brochure into Envelope #9 or Envelope #10 for Presorted Standard Mail, designed, printed, and mailed to your address list.

21- Letterhead & Envelope Set (no directmail)

Stationary set used to deliver medium to short multi-page content, 8.5×11 in. letterheads, w/ #9 or #10 envelopes, design, print, ship.

1- Digital Presentation Design

Full presentation layout and/or theme design for Microsoft Power Point or Apple Keynote, option stock photography if needed.

2- Campaign Website

Full microsite dedicated to your church capital campaign, links to main site, donation features, 10+ advanced features, made responsive for mobile devices, designed, hosted, and maintained.

3- Social Media Design

Campaign cohesive banners and avatars for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, or Linkedin.

4- Social Media & Blog Content

Create short to long video, photo, and text content for scheduled Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Linkedin, and/or blog posts.

5- Campaign Explanier Video

Short video with voiceover narration to explain the capital campaign, and encourage giving, various creative styles, delivered in various HD formats.

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