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AU Partners With UBT to Help Churches Build Better Brands.

Why We've Teamed up.

Clear & Consistent Church Communications

What is your Church’s single biggest idea, mission, goal, or focus? How are you communicating this for internal clarity and external engagement? 

Your congregation, visitors, staff, board members, bankers and other stakeholders have to understand your Church’s unique role and promise. To effectively nurture support, you’ll have to establish church branding that goes beyond just a logo or a mission statement. 

Unlike business lending, church financing calls for more unique solutions. Your money comes from the pockets of your congregation- not corporate funds! However, Churches have to better showcase and illustrate their followership and fellowship to acquire higher levels of funding.

Building a cohesive church brand identity and capital campaigns will foster communal thought associations, and send unified messages to win hearts and minds. A more visible brand is a more tangible brand! And this makes it easier for Union Bank & Trust to develop better financial solutions.

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How Union Bank & Trust Makes Churches & Ministries Better:

EXPERIENCED LENDER - Charity Kuehn, VP of Church Financing, and her team of lending professionals are truly committed to stewardship. They understand the unique structure of church finances and are willing to champion your Church and become your advocate. We have witnessed this first-hand.

CUSTOMER-FOCUSED- Since they don’t operate under a bureaucratic structure like some national banks, they’re flexible and able to create unique solutions to fit your financial scope. With a sharp eye for detail, they can handle everything from refinancing to working with builders and architects on your remodels, build-outs, or expansions.

WELL ESTABLISHED- UBT was founded 100 years ago, in 1917, with strong community roots and proven stability. Check out their history, unique attributes, and financial overview.

FAMILY-OWNED BANK- For over 50 years, Union Bank & Trust has been owned and operated by the Dunlap family, a long-time Nebraska banking family.

How Abstract Union Makes Churches & Ministries Better:

CHURCH BRANDING- Dynamically communicate your Church’s unique role and promise to your congregation and donor base, and visualize everything your church says or does.

CAMPAIGN CREATION & EXECUTION- Build campaigns with time-specific results, and send unified messages across print and digital media (church capital campaigns and brand campaigns).

FUTURE-PROOF SCALABILITY- Execute things as needed, on a project to project basis to better fit your scope, size, and budget. And, we make sure deliverables are structurally sound to be built upon in the future.

STREAMLINED PLANNING- Our humanized, project planning system and project manager make communicating church branding specs and forming a brand position less intimidating. Leave  the painstaking tasks to us!

DESIGNATED SERVICE- Your Church will have 1 designated project planner that you’ll have access to 24/7. We aim to offer and enhance our internal communication technology so that it’s almost like we’re a part of your church stewardship team.

GROWING “UNION” OF CHURCH RESOURCES- For Abstract Union, partnering with various businesses is not just a clever way to funnel new business leads to our agency. Church Branding is our passion, and is what God has called us to do. Therefore, we’re continuously connecting with businesses that complete what we do. The more Church branding projects we do, the more we amplify Christ’s message! And that’s super important to us and our partners.