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Abstract Union is a boutique marketing agency.

// We strengthen those that can affect many.

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// who we Are

Our vision

We want our abstract union of clients, partners, & colleagues to
bring people together and bring about necessary change.

Our mission

For our vision to be possible, we'll deliver our best to
the most impactful as well as the least of these.

  // What We Do


AU amplifies its client's efforts to invite, inform, motivate, inspire, gather, grow, or heal. With a digital-first approach, we streamline our talents and resources into online offerings and assemble forward-thinking partners around what we do. Journeying a path of persistence, we inherently grow concepts from being unrealistic, complicated, or indefinite to solutions that people need to do good things. However, we're not bound by the process of increasing services, clients, partnerships, and employment for the sake of profits. What we do and how we think is Strategically Uncommon, which is...

… too abstract to retrace.

... a key component of our success.

... thinking critically as well as creatively.

… our way of producing mission-critical assets for clients that are highly effective, unique, and affordable.

… generating thoughtful reductions to make things clearer or eminently more usable.

... leveraging diversity to build influence, broaden thought, and open doors.

… possessing enough intuition and insight to realize opportunities or people that are typically overlooked.

... loving yourself and the people, place, and clients you serve.

… utilizing your talents and time beyond the confines of commerce to positively impact tomorrow.

… a continuous quest that brings us to work every day.

All the hard work is worth it when we elevate those who aim to make a difference, set impactful trends, unite, and build communities.

What our clients say...

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We'll be hiring soon...

Nurturing talents, finding our purpose, feeding our passions, and growing our company culture will continue to happen in an office located downtown in Lincoln, NE (when it's safe). It's a blessing to be back in-office. Be ready to join us. Currently, we're tying up some loose ends. Check back here in a little bit!

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Office Number:(402) 256-5151