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why our full-service media

Our full-service materials provide more value than templates.

Those church capital campaign brochure templates, non-customized pledge card giving tiers, generic launch event invites, and the like could end up costing you more in the long run. Using the same old hand full of uninspiring templates and subpar prints becomes obvious. We often disregard these materials and messages as "clutter."

Enhancing the aesthetic appeal and content specificity of your materials generates excitement, anticipation, and higher levels of engagement, which boosts the overall vitality of your pledge cycle.

We craft fully-custom design assets around your theme and unique story. With unlimited revisions, we deliver a more accurate look and feel. By engaging with clients directly, we amplify their efforts to nurture faith. We pray our customized approach compels more communities to invest generously and sacrificially to grow God's kingdom.

Also, our custom design services handle everything start-to-finish. This means we present 1 instant quote for the design plus the printing, direct mailing, web hosting, and other implementation tasks of various deliverables. With our streamlined services and fixed billing, you easily see the big picture of your marketing cost. A clear, cohesive, and compelling church capital campaign strategies can be built at a fraction of your total gifting amount.

How? Primarily, because we operate out of the Midwest, where our overhead is much lower than other shops across the country. Therefore, we pass these savings to our church & ministry clients, while maintaining quality.

Preparing templates for print is not as effective as our design-to-print.

Church capital campaign templates rarely come 100% the way you need them. Once you make design tweaks, adjust pages, and add custom content, you're essentially patching together designs. Then, you still need to produce print-ready files. Each printer you're requesting quotes from could have different parameters based on their method of printing.

Also, if your church owns a printer, it doesn't necessarily mean your in-house prints will be the most cost-effective option. After factoring in the increase in tone, paper, and machine wear and tear, most clients find our full-service capital campaign materials to be more practical and affordable.

Keep in mind; our capital campaign materials include a singular price for streamlined custom design and quality commercial printing with free U.S. shipping. For church & ministry clients, the print portion of each full-service item is virtually at our cost. The higher the print quantities you select, often lowers your cost per unit. For example, if you view our multipage church capital campaign brochures pricing between 500 to 1000 prints (8 pg. 5.5 x 8.5 in.), it's only $40 higher for double the number of booklets designed, printed, and shipped.

As a boutique marketing agency, our commercial printing, finishes, and paper stocks are more campaign-ready than most local printers, Kinkos, and online printers. Yes, the term quality is subjective. However, we take a lot of care and pride in our custom design-to-print services. We make it extremely easy for churches and ministries to affordably churn out sharper, more original, and well thought-out content.

Here's an interesting client story. While we were designing First Lutheran's "All In" capital campaign brochures, they were going to order sleeve banners & large vinyl banners from Outreach's non-custom design templates. BUT, after viewing fully-custom design proofs with a more captivating brochure, they loved our work! To preserve the cohesive look and feel of their campaign, we pitched a quote for the custom signage to match their brochures. It turns out; our start-to-finish capital campaign materials were more affordable and higher-quality. Here are a few happy client photos of how everything turned out.

Church capital campaign template design for stewardship fundraising materials examples
Raw Client Photos: Capital Campaign Banners for First Lutheran Church
church capital campaign template brochures, pledge cards, letters examples
A few mockups of the capital campaign materials we fully-custom design, printed, & shipped to First Lutheran Church

Most template packages are fixed. We offer any mix of deliverables.

Beware. When you purchase a pack church capital campaign templates, you're not really calculating if it's the most appropriate mix of media. For example, if the package comes with "Bookmark design templates" or the print designs don't effectively route members to digital domains, these materials might not connect with more a tech-savvy congregation.

To build awareness and recall for the duration of your campaign, the right mix of media, material quantities, and overall design consistency (across all media) needs to be a top priority. This is another reason why you should elect to use more customized design assets with more relatable content. When applied to the right mix of media, the right design concept should clarify your message, boost visibility, gain recognition, and cognitively earn a space at the top of minds.

Yes, print media should be at the core of most church capital campaign strategies because it possesses the perceived value of being "more official." Also, churches are guaranteed the opportunity to put campaign materials in the hands of their congregation on Sundays. Especially if your donor base is a little older or white collar, for different reasons, print media communications might be a familiar or preferred touchpoint.

But, consider this... If your potential donors are primarily young adults, you should build a campaign that leverages the formality of print media, while integrating digital communications to remind, reiterate, and further motivate. BUT, in the digital space, your capital campaign messages can get lost in the sauce. You're competing for attention and clicks across timelines and inboxes; hence the reason why you need a custom and compelling capital campaign theme design. For an example of integrated print and digital media communications, view the mix of deliverables we prepared for The Fountain's "Unrelenting Faith" church capital campaign.

Clearly, when using a church capital campaign template, you get what you buy. In addition to the woes mentioned above, certain elements might not have the right size or resolution to create additional materials cohesively. The images and aesthetics in templates are most likely explicitly cropped to fit what you purchased; therefore, you won't be able to scale things up for larger media applications. For example, if you buy a brochure template design, you won't be able to reconfigure the elements into a vinyl banner- without it looking pixelated and unprofessional. Also, to use those graphics within any video communication assets, you'll most likely spend hours recreating and vectorizing the "purchased" elements.

You can leave it all to us, or we can help your team.

Most projects, we work directly with volunteers, communications directors, general staff, or with a Pastor. Some churches start looking for the best capital campaign slogans, find us, and we handle their communications strategy start-to-finish. A few clients prefer our "We Design It, You Print It" options, where we deliver fully-customized source files. Or, they submit a church capital campaign plan prepared by a consultant, and we develop deliverables based on their suggestions.

Through all of these opportunities and blessing, we've never taken for the granted the significance of their impact. The lives they change. Their vision & goals. Who we truly serve! Although you might physically place an order through our website, please know there are real people behind it that care.

In good faith!

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