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This is our new, long overdue, Abstract Union blog. Currently, It might not look like much, but we aim to unpack various integrated marketing and creative     execution topics with rich industry specific posts, multimedia content, etc.

We’re pumped to give Abstract Union a voice, and let everyone get to know us a little better. For the time being, Rebeca and myself will be doing the posting     here. Expect to see the under-misuse of commas questionable grammar misspellings,,, and shameless attempts at using semicolons correctly (Give us a     break. Who uses those anyway).

Most importantly, what’s a blog without involvement? Please voice your opinion. Ask questions. Start or add to the discussion. Tell us what you want to     see. Tell us when we’re wrong, and why. We value your opinion. Don’t hesitate!

Of my soapbox now… Thanks for checking us out!

- Curtis          

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June 25, 2022
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