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A few church capital campaign theme logos we've created

Request for modern rocket-based church capital campaign theme emblem logo (SouthPoint Church | Leonardtown, MD)
church capital stewardship slogans theme logo ideas
Request for a huddle hands inspired capital stewardship theme logo (First Lutheran Church | Fremont, NE)
modern capital campaign slogans theme logo ideas
Request for high-glossed script font styled campaign theme logo (The Fountain Church | Miami Gardens, FL)
old-styled stewardship themes logo example ideas
Request for a victorian-styled campaign theme logo for prestigious pipe organ repairs (Grace Episcopal Church | Keswick, VA)

minimalist church campaign theme logo design ideas examples
Request for minimalist-styled church capital campaign slogan logo (Atlanta Christian Church |Atlanta, GA) 
traditional church capital campaign slogans logo ideas examples
Request for primary-colored, hand/sanctuary church campaign theme logo to replicate existing stained glass windows (Grace Lutheran Church | Arlington, TX)
church capital stewardship themes logo example, ideas
Clean lines campaign theme emblem mark (in-house creative exercise concept)
Capital Campaign Slogans logo typography ideas
Typographical-styled church capital campaign slogan logo w/ bible verse tagline (in-house creative exercise concept)
Full capital campaign slogans & themes logo spread
Excerpts of church capital campaign theme logos based on our client's specifications.

Standard approaches for church capital campaign theme logo design


(Monogram): font & typography-based logo comprised of a few letters or the organization's initials.


(Logotypes): font & typography-based logo based on the full name of the organization.


Also know as symbol/pictorial mark. It's an image, icon, or symbol that represents the organization and contains no text.

Combination Mark

Comprised of a combination of a Symbol/Pictorial Mark and a Lettermark/Wordmark.


Also known as badges, seals, and crests. This logo consists of text inside of a symbol or icon.

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