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Custom logos for our client's church capital campaign themes

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church - Bernham, TX // Church Capital Campaign - Theme logo
Grace Lutheran Church - Palo Alto, CA // Church Capital Campaign - Theme Logo

church capital campaign theme ideas of Lutheran school, campaign logo example by Abstract Union
Request for a bold, cross-based emblem for their "strength" focused church capital campaign slogan (Pacific Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School | Gardena, CA)
capital stewardship theme example of campaign logo for a church, by abstract union
Request for campaign logo that incorporated their church brand colors and mountain motif (Mountain View Community Church | Frederick, MD)
Church capital campaign slogan Launching A Legacy logo, stewardship fundraising ideas by Abstract Union
Request for modern rocket-based church capital campaign theme emblem logo (SouthPoint Church | Leonardtown, MD)
Stewardship theme ideas for campaign logo and church capital fundraising by abstract union
Request for a Church capital campaign theme logo that's circular, clean, and modern (Encounter Church | Sacramento, CA)
St. Therese Parish - Kansas City, MO // Church Capital Campaign - Theme Logo
church capital stewardship slogans theme logo ideas
Request for a huddle hands inspired capital stewardship theme logo (First Lutheran Church | Fremont, NE)
All In, logos for church capital campaign slogans and themes by abstract union
Request for expressive lettering to portray their "All In" church capital campaign slogan (Empowerment Fellowship | San Antonio, CA)
Request for a church building campaign logo (Crossroads Church | Bay Minette, AL)
Church fundraising theme logo for minimalist style by abstract union
Request for a minimal logo for their multi-phrase stewardship campaign theme (CrossingPoint Church | San Antonio, CA)
church capital campaign slogan forward in faith logo by abstract union
Request for a forward arrow-based emblem to illustrate their church capital campaign theme (Community Bible Church | Omaha, NE)
church campaign logo for capital campaign slogans ideas
Request for a contemporary and legible logo for their stewardship theme (Hope Fellowship Church | Smyrna, TN)
modern capital campaign slogans theme logo ideas
Request for high-glossed script font styled campaign theme logo (The Fountain Church | Miami Gardens, FL)
Immanuel Lutheran Church & School - Simpsonville, SC // Church Capital Campaign - Theme Logo
Request for a clean and contemporary campaign theme logo (Grace Baptist Church | Dansville, NY)
old-styled stewardship themes logo example ideas
Request for a victorian-styled campaign theme logo for prestigious pipe organ repairs (Grace Episcopal Church | Keswick, VA)
capital stewardship theme ideas for Lutheran church campaign logo
Request for a church capital slogan logo that reflects aspects of their building architecture (Lamb of God Lutheran Church | Flower Mound, TX)
rounded edge logo for contemporary church capital campaign examples
Request for focused, rounded lettering styled word mark logo (Hope Fellowship Church | Smyrna, TN)
minimalist church campaign theme logo design ideas examples
Request for minimalist-styled church capital campaign slogan logo (Atlanta Christian Church |Atlanta, GA) 
Faith Covenant Church - St. Petersburg, FL // Church Capital Campaign - Theme Logo // Based on the shape of their church logo - hexagon
capital campaign slogans ideas of mono line logo for church graphics
Request for a circular community implied emblem that emphasizes "generations" (New Community Christian Church | Morris, IL)
traditional church capital campaign slogans logo ideas examples
Request for primary-colored, hand/sanctuary church campaign theme logo to replicate existing stained glass windows (Grace Lutheran Church | Arlington, TX)
church capital stewardship themes logo example, ideas
Clean lines campaign theme emblem mark (in-house creative exercise concept)
Capital Campaign Slogans logo typography ideas
Typographical-styled church capital campaign slogan logo w/ bible verse tagline (in-house creative exercise concept)

List of church capital campaign slogans

We've crafted materials around various themes. Yet the most effective campaigns don't simply select themes based on finding existing designs that catch their eye, or because "the slogan has a nice ring to it." Rather, it's up to each church to decide which campaign slogan would resonate the best with their congregation. Focus on telling your story! To aid this decision, consider the following capital campaign themes lists. BUT, don't get hung up on other church's ideas. Take the extra step to craft your own slogan (and perhaps a Bible verse tagline), and we'll help you bring it to life!

  • All In
  • Building Home
  • Build This (His) House
  • Celebrating God's Faithfulness
  • Celebration Of Growth
  • Forward In Faith (Forward By Faith)
  • Freedom To Act
  • Harvest Of Joy 202#
  • Hope For The House
  • Impact Tomorrow Today
  • Launching A Legacy
  • Multiplying The Gospel
  • Picture This
  • Ready To Rescue
  • Strength In The Lord
  • Unrelenting Faith
  • Vision 20/20
  • Vision Forward

More brainstorm ideas: church capital campaign slogans lists

Throughout the years at various periods/levels of experience, we've published brainstorm-compilations of rough theme/slogan concepts. And clients have used the following list of church capital campaign ideas simply as food for thought. They often take words from a particular theme idea or take the suggested Bible verse tagline to craft their own. Give them a browse...

// 12 "Christ-Themed" Church Capital Campaign Slogans

// 7 Church Capital Campaign Slogans for Construction Projects  

// 10 "Gospel-Themed" Church Capital Campaign Slogans

// 11 "Take-Action" Church Capital Campaign Slogans  

The way we approach designing logos for church capital campaign themes

We won't bore you with a breakdown of all the contributing intricacies and factors that make up a quality campaign logo. However, the factor of "scalability," with regards to how your mark remains legible across a given set of capital campaign materials, is important to understand. Yes, we have to consider all the many deliverables in which the logo will be used, in order to craft a sound mark. Therefore, depending upon the list of materials/deliverables you need, we'll most likely build your logo in one of the following ways...


Also known as badges, seals, and crests. This logo consists of text inside of a symbol or icon.


(Monogram): font & typography-based logo comprised of a few letters or the organization's initials.


(Logotypes): font & typography-based logo based on the full name of the organization.


Also know as symbol/pictorial mark. It's an image, icon, or symbol that represents the organization and contains no text.

Combination Mark

Comprised of a combination of a Symbol/Pictorial Mark and a Lettermark/Wordmark.

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Custom Client Designs - NOT templates for sale

These examples are NOT templates. Our creative concepts are crafted fully custom, based on the client's specs. And we offer unlimited revisions until we design the right assets. Then, we quality commercial print and ship- or fully implement.

portfolio church capital campaign materials ideas and examples

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