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// We handle the script, voice narration, & editing of explainer videos.

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Unlike other sites, we deliver full-services, streamlined into easy “Add To Cart” items for ministry & church communications.

Explainer Video | Up to 90 Sec.

  • Fully-custom design
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 1920 x 1080 dpi
  • High-Definition
  • Up to 90 seconds
  • Up to180 word script
  • Voiceover production
  • Unlimited stock footage
= $687.5
= $687.5
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A few church explainer videos we've created.


What are the benefits?

Typically, we craft church video assets to...

  • Maintain relevancy and resonate with viewers over an extended period of time.
  • Increase congregation engagement to motivate action.
  • Promote church attendance and live stream viewership.
  • Increase the digital visibility and social relevancy of your church and pastor.
  • Boost social media followership of the church and pastor for continued outreach.

What we'll need from you...

Video & Picture Dump: With every client, we prepare Dropbox folder for incoming and outgoing file sharing. Within your designated folder, we'll need you to dump any and all vid/pic content that you deem suitable for current and future digital projects. And we'll take it from there!

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