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Church Capital Campaign Examples

English-to-Spanish Capital Campaign Materials for RWC

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Restoration Worship Center (Springfield, MA) is a diverse church that seeks to connect believers and the unchurched to their divine purpose. After outgrowing its previous locations and meeting out of a local Christian school, RWC wanted a place they could finally call home and grow into. Therefore, they had the vision to raise $600,000 for a new building. Together, we crafted church capital campaign materials for both English and Spanish-speaking members.

It's amazing that we follow a Savior, whose life continues to inspire people of every tongue and tribe. And it's beautiful to see diverse communities worshiping side-by-side and growing day-to-day. We're enamored by the modernization of church stewardship and the many ways ministries shepherd their community. Typically, English-to-Spanish capital campaigns aim to raise large sums required for building facilities, expanding ministries, and sending missionaries. And when multilingual churches serve and fundraise together, they need effective capital campaign materials that connect with a broader audience. Beyond our capital campaign know-how and logistics, we have fluent Spanish speakers on staff that understand the cultural dynamics. For example, with RWC, each campaign deliverable required an English and Spanish version.

Church capital campaign themes, colors, & designs can be "on-brand."

RWC needed a church capital campaign theme for its efforts. The theme  "All In" expressed the church being completely devoted to building for future generations. "Unidos" ran alongside it for the Spanish version of the campaign. RWC's leaders requested a design concept with striking color and flare. They see themselves as bold leaders, and we wanted to emulate their energy. So, we incorporated a color palette around their regal red brand color by pairing it up with an electrifying navy blue, shimmering gold, and neutral white. The circular shapes throughout each piece echo the church's mission to gather and unite. 

Engaging campaign case statement designs provide a base.

A capital campaign booklet or multipage brochure is one of the most important elements. When you launch your church fundraising campaign, your congregation will want to know exactly what you're needing to fund. They deserve to see how their money will be spent, down to the last dollar. This campaign booklet example highlights how to make things more official and tangible for an audience. It gives interested parties, from your congregation to lenders, an effective run-down of what, why, and how.

Case Statement design for Spanish capital campaign and church fundraising theme All In
Booklet Capital Campaign Case Statement Design-5.5 x 8.5 in., 12 Pages, Full-Color, Horizontal Layout, 100 lb. Gloss Book

Build a personal connection with capital campaign stationery.

Letter-writing will undoubtedly play a major role in your church fundraising process to inspire generosity. If you need to provide support updates or reach outside your congregation for assistance, it's a great way to take communications peer-to-peer and humanize capital campaign stewardship. Paralleling RWC's digital engagement, direct personalize messages were sent with this series of printed campaign materials: thank you cards & envelopes, folders, and letterhead design. Plus, it's much more effective and engaging than plain white letters and invites that we often overlook.

Capital campaign event invitations for hispanic church fundraising materials by Abstract Union
Thank You Card & Invitation Envelope for Capital Campaigns- A-4 (4.25 x 6.25in.), 1-Sided, Full-Color, Edge-to-edge, 70 lb Smooth White Text
Church Capital Campaign Letter design for Spanish and English congregation
Design for Capital Campaign Letters- 8.5x11 in., 1-Sided, Full-Color, 70 lb. Smooth White Text

If you plan on handing out several papers, gifting interested parties a folder will keep their information secure and organized. RWC asked we re-imagine a traditional folder to give their campaign a modern flair. Upon opening, the audience can see a timeline of RWC's history. We wanted to acknowledge the church's past as it looks forward to the future.

Folder for Case Statement design and church building campaign materials by Abstract Union
Folders for Church Capital Campaign Case Statement- 9 x 12 in. (Standard), Full-Color, 2-Sided, 1-Pocket, 16 pt. Premium Matte Cover

Quality pledge card design realizes commitment & inspires generosity. 

Let's get down to business. After campaign goal number-crunching, and figuring out giving tiers of feasible amounts your congregation can sustain, they need to know what it will take. Pledge cards are a handy way to encourage commitment from your congregation for the duration of the capital campaign. With RWC's church fundraising initiative we broke down totals to be attainable, as they analyzed giving feasibility in-house. The pledge card design had a recommended donation number on the back: $150 per month. However, they wanted members of all financial circumstances to know they could have an impact. On the back of each card, custom fields were crafted to allow congregates to pencil in their pledge on a weekly, monthly, or one-time basis. A separate tear-off flap acts as a personal receipt for members to keep track of their pledged commitment.

Spanish pledge card design for church capital campaign materials package
Commitment Cards for Capital Campaign Stewardship- 8.5 x 3.5 in. with rip perforation, 2-Sided, Full-Color, 14pt. Premium Uncoated Cover

Capital Campaign banners & displays boost awareness.

To increase awareness and interest, campaign signage can be a useful tool to get your entire church involved. The design and placement of these deliverables will need to be strategic to generate top-of-mind awareness. Often, quality design and printing of signage makes a difference as a constant reminder and conversation starter outside of web and social media.

For RWC, we crafted 3 types of capital campaign banners and displays. The rollup banner design hangs vertically and gave a brief overview of the intent behind the campaign. The mesh banners were smaller and capital campaign theme focused to increase visibility, playing a vital role in exposure. For the capital campaign information booths in their lobbies or to take their church fundraising to banquets and small group events, we crafted large backdrop displays with standalone trussing for portability. 

rollup banner design for capital campaign stewardship in english and spanish
Retractable Banners For Church Fundraising- 23.5 x 83 in., Full-Color, 1-Sided, 13 oz. Super Smooth Grayback Vinyl
Mesh banner for capital campaign ideas and examples of hispanic church fundraising materials
Mesh Banners For Church Fundraising- 6 x 3ft., Full-Color, 1-Sided, 10 oz. mesh vinyl
Capital Campaign backdrop banner for information booth design examples and ideas
Fabric Display Pop-up For Church Building Campaigns- 10 x 8 ft., full-color, 1-sided, Polyester fabric w/ curved stand

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July 19, 2024
Church Capital Campaign Examples
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