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Unlike other sites, we deliver full-services, streamlined into easy “Add To Cart” items for ministry & church communications.

Just Church Logo

  • Project-based billing
  • Fully-custom design
  • Options presented in succession
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Black & white
  • Multiple layouts
  • Option with tagline
  • Vectorized design
  • Saved in multiple formats 
= $380
= $380
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Church Brand Identity System

  • Project-based billing
  • Logo design (See "Just Church Logo")
  • Color palette selection
  • Fonts & typography
  • Color application & imagery
  • Church stationery designs: business cards, business envelopes, connection cards, offering envelopes, bulletin cover
  • Outreach invite card & postcard mailer
  • Social Media design
  • Brand guidelines booklet (.pdf format)
  • Unlimited revisions
  • 1-6 mo. (depending on revisions)
  • (Optional) Quality commercial printing w/ free U.S shipping
= $2330
= $2330
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Church Branding Subscription

  • Monthly subscription
  • Monthly payments or options to pay in full for an entire year
  • Everything under Church Brand Identity System
  • Unlimited revisions
  • (Optional) sub-ministry marks
  • (Optional) overview video
  • (Optional) responsive website w/ hosted CMS
  • (Optional) signage
  • (Optional) wall art
  • (Optional) additional paper materials
  • (Optional) wayfinding & placemaking graphics
  • (Optional) promo items & gifts
  • (Optional) Quality commercial printing w/ free U.S shipping
= $1210
= $1210
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Looking For Something in Particular?

We're super flexible and have a variety of options not listed. Just tell us your ideas and specs, and we'll email you a custom quote within 5 business hours.

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= $
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See Logo & Brand Identity Examples

Highlighted elements from various church branding projects:

Church Logo & Branding for Church Plant Design
Church Brand Identity System (Liberate Church, Dallas TX)- Modern isolated "L" church logo design crafted around a specific color palette presented by the client.
Symbol Scalability Test For Church App Logo
church branding and logo brand identity system best for lutheran church
Church Logo design to full Integrated Identity System (Bethany Lutheran Church - Elkhorn, NE)- Client needed a logo that would correspond with over a dozen sub ministry marks and a color concept to carry their curiosity and faith-focused mission. 
Church brand guidelines book pdf guide for branding design, colors, logo
A Peek into the church brand guidelines booklet we created for BLC

View the thought process behind a full church logo & brand identity system.

// Explainer video for Board of Directors & Administrators.

best church logo and church branding identity system nondenominational church
Church Brand Identity System (Lincoln City Church, Lincoln, NE) - Client wanted an isolated "C" for their main church logo to correspond with 5 ministry sub-brands.
nondenominational church logo & church branding for Black African American Church
Church Logo Redesign to full Integrated Identity System, Client wanted a scripted, isolated F mark and a vibrant beach-like color concept (The Fountain- Miami Gardens, FL)
Church Logo and brand guidelines book pdf ministry guide for branding design
church logo images of a nondenominational church branding
Combination mark styled church logo preserves the uses of a cross in a modern way.
best church logo & church branding ideas for nondenominational church
Concept designs for apparel, wayfinding, placemaking, signage, and brand out-of-home advertising
non denominational church logo images for church style guide
Modern emblem church logo that follows the explores the concept of dropping the vowels within the brand name.
church logo images of student center ministry logo idea
Emblem Styled Church logo for the Lutheran Student Center at the University of Texas Arlington

Best church logo design approaches for clear, cohesive, & compelling communications:


(Monogram): font & typography-based logo comprised of a few letters or the organization's initials.


(Logotypes): font & typography-based logo based on the full name of the organization.


Also know as symbol/pictorial mark. It's an image, icon, or symbol that represents the organization and contains no text.

Combination Mark

Comprised of a combination of a Symbol/Pictorial Mark and a Lettermark/Wordmark.


Also known as badges, seals, and crests. This logo consists of text inside of a symbol or icon.

Here's how we build church brand cohesion across sub-ministry, special events, capital campaigns, and more...

Combination Mark Pairing: with combination mark logo, alternate typography layouts have to be prepared for different media applications.

Sizing & Isolation Zone: the scalability of your logo affects visibility and the perceived style- especially for faith-based organizations because of their diverse outreach and communications activities.

Logo Colorways: Color usage within your mark adds nuance to your overall look and feel. Different color variations are needed for a variety of background applications.

Typography: From title and tagline typefaces to web fonts used on your site, they all play an essential role in carrying your message and telling your story. Parameters for styling, layouts, and spacing are needed to achieve a cohesive identity.

Design Color Usage: your organization's personality and attitude can be expressed through color. The right color system can send the right message before any content, knowledge, beliefs, or invitations are shared.

Design Elements: the shapes, textures, and aesthetics surrounding your logo ultimately support your desired look and feel.

Imagery Applications & Church Art: Using consistent photo, video, and illustration imagery add to the unique qualities of your brand design.

Stationery Design: creating cohesive designs for business cards, Letterhead/envelopes, connection cards, offering envelopes, and other staple materials.

Apparel & Promo Products Design: reinforcing your brand image and supporting camaraderie w/ t-shirt, polo, sweatshirts, hats, branded cups, etc.

Mailers Design: building a series of direct mail designs as a core tactic of your brand campaign efforts.

Print Media Design: general brand campaign designs for print materials such as - bulletin covers, statement stickers, welcome desk talking point tools, etc.

Social Media Design: formatted post packs for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter content to be published within your brand campaign.

Multimedia Design: building designs for video publishing and broadcast- such as Youtube intro and outros, lower thirds, background loops, etc.

Web & Mobile Design: includes design elements and usability schemes to support your new brand identity system.

Placemaking & Wayfinding Design: aiming to achieve the highest level of brand continuity by bringing brand elements into your internal and external environment(s).

Out-of-Home Design: crafting messages and imagery for billboard advertising within your brand campaign.

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