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Build a Church Branding Strategy for Growth (What, Why, & How)

What is Church Branding?

Building a church brand is not about portraying your church’s functions or features. It goes beyond your church logo design, name, tagline, denomination, and graphic identity. These are just signifiers of what your church represents.

Ultimately, your church branding strategy should encompass efforts to build the reputation of your organization.YOU can facilitate the imagery, emotions, and facts that influence what your congregation and visitors hear, read, or think about your church. YOU can facilitate how your organization's unique role and promise, values, and missions are lived out and upheld.

Why is a Church Branding Strategy Important?

When people view your church or Christianity for the first time, there is one inevitable, back-of-the-mind question-“Why should I care?" Even your congregation's attention, attendance, and actions subliminally operate around this question. Your church's brand should readily serve as the answer.

How Does Building a Church Brand aid the process of bringing others to Christ?

Building a church branding strategy can be somewhat complicated. Establishing an impactful reputation is a difficult task. However, articulating how your church wishes to be perceived is not impossible! It just takestime to plan, execute, and evolve a sound church brand strategy that performs the following:

1- Aim to portray a very clear purpose, rather than to give a description of the mode of operation of the church. Your branding should fully embody who you are as Church.

2- Communicate why your ministry matters to the community and the world. Develop a unique position and message that the garners support you need to bring others to Christ.

3- Communicate the essence of your existence as opposed to the day-to-day functions of your church. Express the sum of your church's ministry, denomination, values, behaviors, and visual signifiers.

4- Building upon generational legacy, submerge the brand strategy into your church's cultural fabric, and your desired thought associations will morph into physiological concepts held in the minds of your audience.

5- Don’t try to fully control your church's brand or the minds of your intended audience. God gives man free will. With our Church Logo & Brand Identity System design services, we will establish a core promise, identity, and reputation that influences others to seek, find, and support your brand of spiritual output and fellowship. Most importantly, we will inspire actions within your growing community to reinforce your church's reputation, and carry out God's will. The overall importance of church branding is to showcase Him at work. 

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