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Classically Modern Church Branding For The Arbor

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The Arbor Church (Spring Arbor, MI) is a Free Methodist church that seeks to become rooted in Jesus while bringing life to its community. This well-established church has been around since 1868, lending itself to appear more traditional — at first glance. In need of church branding services, its staff commissioned us to rebrand and freshen up its church communications. Together, we aimed to better connect with younger generations without alienating senior members. We also sought to better engage potential members — all without compromising its rich traditions and vision to unite generations in light of the Gospel.

Moreover, it was essential not to throw out the historic feel of the church altogether, simply to appeal to millennial families and younger generations. The Arbor preserved its traditional church and steeple exterior, as contemporary upgrades within the interior would be made over time. Joining its remodeling process, we elevated the church's brand identity to serve as a cornerstone of worship and outreach. Our team honored and drew inspiration from the way the Arbor has spread the love of Christ for well over a century. We made sure the church brand design had a classic, timeless feel that resonated with their multi-generational Midwestern congregation and community.

Before diving into The Arbor's brand identity details, note that you're viewing the start of a continuous process. The best church branding boils down to what you do with it. Every church and ministry is different. Therefore, we humbly join your journey beyond the proper portrayal of your purpose, beliefs, and community lifestyle. We'll arrive at the visual consistency needed to accurately portray your ministry, communicate a clear purpose, and invite others to fellowship and worship.This is the right path to tell your story. It will take partnership and prayer. For more of what, why, and how, view our full overview and breakdown about church branding.

A church logo needs to be scalable, as a pillar of your brand design.

church branding examples of church logo, modern symbol design by Abstract Union
Logo Orientations in Church Brand Design- The Arbor church logo is a combination mark and consists of a wordmark detachable symbol and standalone wordmark lettering. The serifed “A” reimagines an angular alcove entry, their church steeple, and leaf-like elements into a simple, timeless, and highly scalable symbol. Whereas the wordmark shares the same leaf-like negatives space, grounded with a traditional serif font.

Classic church brand colors should be fresh & neutral for all ages.

church branding ideas and examples of color palette, modern brand design
Church Brand Color Palette- Marketing companies for churches or faith-based marketing companies often overlook color appeal for all ages and genders. With the Arbor, we didn't chase trends. We arrived at the right color palette for elders, youth, storytelling, outreach, appeal, and timeless interior design.

Timeless stationery in church brand design allows for various messages & tones.

Stationery design by church marketing company Abstract Union
Stationery for Church Communications- From the letterhead to on-brand social media posts, The Arbor's brand identity visually differentiates its messaging from other church media. This stationery design brings consistency to the widest variety of messages and tones.

Church wall art, signage, & wayfinding elevate experiences.

Best church branding package for signage and experiential design by Abstract Union
Church Experiential Design & Signs- large-format designs visually can become the most iconic and memorable. These deliverables were crafted with The Arbor's facility and location in mind. The consistent, understated designs reflect the culture, mission, and values they wish to live out daily.

Church media for outreach and lifestyle can build on a tradition.

Church media outreach and church branding 101 ideas of invite cards, brochures, logo design
Church Outreach & Lifestyle- We hope to reignite the Arbor's desire to reach their community, without capitulating to trends. It was important that their church branding strategy presented their 100+ year legacy of faith and service in a fresh and modern way.

The right church brand guidelines bring clarity to your message, story, and community experience.

Church branding guidelines package, examples of strategy design by Abstract Union
Church Branding Guidelines- The logo identity, brand colors, design elements, imagery applications, and typography uniquely support the desired brand personality of The Arbor Church. And branding is so much more than just a logo or colors. An effective church marketing strategy leverages a cohesive identity system to reach more hearts and minds.
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June 25, 2022
Church Logo & Branding
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