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Spirited Nonprofit Branding And Design For Imani

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Imani Milele Children, Inc. (Sebastian, FL) is a Christian nonprofit that aims to rescue, develop and improve the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda. Imani, founded by Rev. Moses Ssemanda Mbuga in 1989, removes barriers to children's success and trains them to be productive leaders in their society. Its team supports students by educating, mentoring, and meeting each child's needs. The Imani Milele Choir, a subgroup of the ministry, travels to spread joy through music and raise awareness about the challenges plaguing Ugandan youth. Abstract Union resonated deeply with Moses' heart for children, so we decided to join hands and change lives together. Imani's staff was already doing incredible work; they just needed the proper nonprofit branding to reflect its mission and spirit. Therefore, we created tools for this high-impact organization to expand its reach from the inside out.

We knew we needed to capture the childlike wonder infused in Imani's DNA and nonprofit brand positioning for this project. Ultimately, the children's stories and needs, the spirit of Uganda, and organizational trust would compel donors to act. Coalescing around these attributes, Imani's updated look and feel required careful planning and creative execution to broaden its audience.

Before exploring the details, note that a nonprofit branding agency should provide that spark — a cohesive brand design that is just the start of a continuous process. Many faith-based organizations, similar to yours, need to establish a visual identity rooted in your organizational culture, mission, behavior, and the way you hope to inspire. By assessing our client's needs, building effective solutions, and delivering quality communication assets, we equip others to empower and create change. Mainly, our passion stems from how we build church brand strategies for growth as we've started to scale into nonprofit branding and brand design. 

Nonprofit logos can be revamped to build a legacy.

Nonprofit branding agency examples of logo design by Abstract Union
Imani wanted to preserve the crowned-kid "A" symbolism located at the center of the original logo. Building on this iconic figure, we were able to restore and modernize the overall logo to be a more scalable emblem. The symbolism and its meaning will continue to inspire Imani students for generations to come.
Modern nonprofit branding ideas full-color logo options
There's so much more to this nonprofit logo design project that is not shown. So this is just a breakdown of the full-color options at the core of Imani's brand identity. Even with an emblem style logo, we still supplied roughly a dozen orientations and color options, whereas a standard combination mark typically provides more variation and scalability.

Colors for charity branding can be culturally aligned & boardroom-ready.

Nonprofit brand positioning, brand colors for a more established look and feel
When rebranding a nonprofit like Imani, we needed to consider the range of its audience and stakeholders. Beyond students and staff, Imani's donor base ranges from individuals to churches and corporations across the globe. After considering various hues, we arrived at a balanced palette to characterize their vibrant culture while appearing less playful and more established.

Consistent Stationery Design helps brand recognition & message recall.

Nonprofit stationery design examples, letterhead, business cards, folders, and brochure design
Effective nonprofit brand positioning and operations that earn trust can be reinforced with cohesive communication assets. Imani's stationery design was crafted to stand out and underscore its optimism as opposed to dire realities. This series of general materials were designed to be clean, sharp, and uplifting.

Nonprofit explainer videos bring visions to life.

The narration and narrative of this explainer video aimed to portray Imani's mission and purpose. It streamlines a compelling argument with a real-life success story to inspire donors to act.

On-brand communication assets for support send unified messages to homes & hearts.

Nonprofit donor package, forms, and marketing collateral design by Abstract Union
This comprehensive package aimed to inspire donors to invest in a child's future. We carefully laid out the signature geometric shapes with the staggered cut presentation to break down detailed information into a more focused and engaging sequence. This same attention to consistency and layout was compounded with rich and warm imagery applications to harmonize photos taken on multiple devices by several people. From the staggered cut presentation to magnet gifts, the overall look and feel aimed to be infectiously joyful and aligned with the spirit of giving.

Nonprofit brand positioning becomes more tangible with the right guidelines.

Nonprofit brand guidelines booklet for charity branding design ideas, examples, and services
The logo identity, brand colors, design elements, imagery applications, and typography uniquely support the desired brand personality of Imani Milele. And charity branding is so much more than just a logo or colors. Rebranding a nonprofit requires a cohesive identity system to reach more hearts and minds.
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June 25, 2022
Church Logo & Branding
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