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Church Capital Campaign Ideas

15 Church Building Campaign Materials & Examples From NOOL Project

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Nativity Of Our Lady (San Luis Obispo, CA) encourages and fosters the spiritual growth and development of individuals in Christ. This Roman Catholic Community launched a church building campaign to raise $3.6M for various facility repairs and improvements. Bypassing the use of church capital campaign consultants, they execute their church fundraising plans in-house. Therefore, they needed capital campaign materials, and we helped them build a strong communications strategy for their 3-year journey.

To emphasize a key building feature, our client elected to use "Raising The Star" as their church capital campaign theme. Their specifications, SoCal lifestyle, 50 and up parish culture, and mid-century modern architecture guided our creative approach. We crafted a colorful vintage-modern design concept to mimic the disciplined, clean lines of the future building. Equipping their capital campaign manager with effective communication assets, he was able to forgo the use of church capital campaign templates. The church leveraged our affordable full-services to receive fully-custom, clear, cohesive, and compelling materials start-to-finish. View their church capital campaign materials below.

15 Examples of church capital campaign materials to consider

Logo for church building campaign themes, examples of capital campaign materials & church fundraising
Our client wanted to focus their church fundraising efforts around the idea of "Raising The Star." The theme logo leverages slightly ornate typography to bring a traditional/modern mix to all campaign materials. It features a nativity star, a key feature of the new construction. See more logos and ideas for church capital campaign slogans.
church capital campaign case statement brochures, examples for church building campaign fundraising
To present the case statement, we designed an 8pg., 8.5x11 in. with a horizontal layout to be printed on 100 lb. gloss book paper. See more multipage church fundraising brochures for case statements.
folded church capital campaign brochure for case statement of building campaign
As a supplement to the main case statement booklet, we designed a condensed 8.5 x 14 in., open gate fold, 100 lb. with dull cover matte finish campaign brochure. To better highlight fundraising goals, construction features, and other key information, consider smaller case statements for church building campaigns.
3.5 x 8.5 in. pledge cards samples for church fundraising, church building campaign commitment cards
For members to communicate their commitment and select gifting options, we created a pledge card that was highly specific to our client's stewardship needs. To see other types of giving and formats, view our commitment cards for church building campaigns.
Envelopes for church fundraising campaign materials, 9 x 12 in. large envelope samples
To mail packages to members and potential donors, we crafted a 9 x12 in. envelope to include the booklet, supplemental brochure, pledge card, and more. For other large envelope options, see our envelopes for capital campaigns.
invitations for Church Capital Campaign launch event, samples and ideas for building campaign materials
The client planned a series of receptions, by which they would reveal building plans, present opportunities to pledge, and more. Therefore, we crafted an eye-catching set of invite cards to be mailed to all members. These sets included a rounded corner 4x6 in., 16 pt., dull cover matte finished in invite card + 3.5x5 in., 14 pt., and premium uncoated RSVP card. See more examples of church capital campaign launch event invitations.
Church capital campaign envelopes, A1 and A4 samples, invitation examples
Since the invite cards needed to be mailed and members had to RSVP, we created matching envelopes with unique messages. See more options for church capital campaign envelopes.
Naming Opportunities Brochure for church building campaign samples, 7 x14in. perfect square
Along with the pledge and launch event materials, a supplemental brochure was needed for large donation naming opportunities. Therefore, we crafted an illustrative layout following the same architectural sketch/painterly style as the cover imagery. See other options for folded church capital campaign brochures.
Postcards for church capital campaign materials, church fundraising reminders
Pledge reminders aid how much a church can raise in a capital campaign. Per our client's request, we designed a mailable 4x6 in. reminder postcard with clear options to encourage participation. See other examples of postcards for church fundraising.
example of Church capital campaign websites for church building campaigns
Our client needed a microsite to keep donors updated in realtime. We built a responsive site with essential sections to inform and commemorate progress over the 3-year journey. See more examples of church capital campaign websites.
Newsletter 8.5x11in. for church fundraising and church building campaigns sample thank you letters
For more direct update methods, particularly for elderly members, our client elected to use a series of newsletters. This 2-sided folded 8.5 x 11in. newsletters template was designed in a traditional editorial style, which gave the client the flexibility to update content and mail. This format could also be used to send a thank you or a letter to congregation about giving. View more options for church fundraising newsletters.
2.08x8.58 feather flag for church fundraising and capital building campaigns design and printing
We kept this 2.08x8.58 ft. feather flag simple to bring a bit of cheer to the construction site in a tasteful manner. Feather flags aim to keep the capital campaign in focus, symbolize progress, and boost the spirit of giving. Explore other ideas for church capital campaign signage.
Outdoor vinyl banner of church building campaigns, examples and Ideas for church fundraising.
As our client explored other isolated areas for signage, we prepared another simple sign to boost campaign visibility tastefully. They requested a custom size of 3x14 ft. to uniquely fit their space. See other options for church building campaign banners.
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July 19, 2024
Church Capital Campaign Ideas
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