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Church Capital Campaign Examples

Youth Camp Nonprofit Capital Campaign Materials for All Seasons

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Camp Cypress (Forest, MS) is a Christian summer camp committed to building youth's faith, future, and legacy. A ministry of All Seasons Worship Center that hopes to inspire the children within its congregation and outside it. It began with a dream and fond childhood memories. All Seasons Worship Center's pastoral team had the vision to build a place where children and young adults could experience Christ's love and grace — perhaps for the very first time. Church camps can often be a place where kids go for summer activities but leave with an understanding of Christ. Hopefully, seeds of faith can be nurtured to share God's goodness for a lifetime. The success of Camp Cypress could inspire generational community growth.

However — without the financial support of church members and the generosity of donors — Camp Cypress never would've become a reality. All Seasons needed to effectively compel its congregation to give and invite community members to partner with Camp Cypress.

Together, our creative team and All Seasons crafted the right capital campaign materials to excite their community and build anticipation around the camp's potential. And Camp Cypress was fully funded. Building a summer camp from scratch might seem like a lofty goal, but God can do more than we imagine. And our company has witnessed this daily. As things always seem to align with His time and will, we were blessed to grow our church capital campaign portfolio with this being our first nonprofit funding project— for a camp. Our bandwidth extends to broad-based impact and change. This starts with capital campaign marketing being effectively meaningful and memorable. Below you'll find how we crafted the right communications assets for Camp Cypress.

Nonprofit campaign themes & logos portray a vision for donorship.

Developing the right capital campaign theme and logo design is the most critical step toward mobilizing support. Especially for youth camp fundraising, we needed to portray a modern camp nostalgia. The design we create will not only lead the vision of the fundraising process, but it will also serve as a commemorative symbol of Camp Cypress being built for generations to come. The client elected to use the capital campaign slogan: "Our Faith, Our Future, Our Legacy." Since the campaign name would be somewhat longer, we set the logo as a badge. Option 1 aimed to abstract the woodsy riverside, rugged look of their property with the modern amenities the camp offers. However, the client requested the trees at the center of the badge be more like the bald cypress presented in option 2. In both drafts, the contemporary typeface perfectly complements the thin-lined design.

nonprofit fundraising capital campaign theme logo for youth camps examples, ideas, and design
Christian Nonprofit Fundraising Theme Logo Design Examples - 1 scope 2 drafts and style of tree as the focal point

Photo-based capital campaign brochures tell your story.

For this nonprofit fundraising brochure (designed multipage), we wanted the viewer to engage with the story and case statement of Camp Cypress cover to cover. The picturesque nature scenes feel nostalgic when paired with the campaign colors mustard yellow, rust, blush, cream, and deep greenish-blue. We wanted to engage the potential donor with nonconventional full-spread layouts, inviting them to read and reminisce. Crafting the right booklet design to communicate effectively with community leaders to congregations is a must. For Camp Cypress, we design this campaign deliverable for their diverse donor base.

nonprofit capital campaign case statement brochure design, multipage booklet for camp nonprofit fundraising materials examples
Case Statement Multipage Brochure Design for Nonprofit Fundraising - 6 x 9 in., 16 Pages, Full-Color, Horizontal Layout, 100 lb. Gloss Book

Pledge card & envelope sets promote follow-through.

Pledge cards also known as commitment cards, break down financial needs into tangible goals for donors with various income levels to join your movement. With capital campaigns and nonprofit fundraising, it's essential to make it as easy as possible to give. This can be achieved more ways than one with a pledge card plus a tear-off reminder. The two-part card serves as a reminder of the donor's one-time or continuous gift, while this nonprofit camp client would receive the info portion via mail (i.e. ideally hundreds of submissions). And the matching custom campaign envelope design completes the giving experience with the donor's mailing in their commitment. This increases the likelihood of higher levels of family/individual giving and overall participation. Who could overlook the inviting design of these cards and envelopes?

nonprofit capital campaign pledge card examples, nonprofit marketing collateral design with return envelope.
Nonprofit Capital Campaign Pledge Card Design - 8.5 x 3.5 in. with rip perforation, 2-Sided, Full-Color, 14pt. Premium Uncoated Cover // Return Envelope- No. 10 Universal (4.125 x 9.5 in.), 1-Sided, Full-Color, Edge-to-edge, 70 lb Smooth White Text

Packet envelopes carry the dream to more hearts & minds.

Keep in mind that plain-white envelopes are easy to ignore. Not only can they be lost in the stack, but they may even be seen as unprofessional. Investing in details and quality design boosts the -perceived- credibility of this nonprofit fundraising campaign. Therefore, this packet envelope was crafted to complete this sequence of capital campaign materials.

examples of capital campaign package design for nonprofit fundraising examples of booklet, pledge card, envelopes
Nonprofit Capital Campaign Marketing Package Examples - Packet Envelope // 9 x 6 in., 1-Sided, Full-Color, Edge-to-edge, 70 lb Smooth White Text

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July 5, 2022
Church Capital Campaign Examples
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