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Church Capital Campaign Ideas

6 Church Capital Campaign Materials & Theme Design Examples for WBBC

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Capital Campaign Slogan / Theme: "Together"

Williams Boulevard Baptist Church (Kenner, LA) sees value and worth in everyone just as God intended. Their "Together" campaign aimed to encourage gifting for gymnasium renovations. As they requested illustrative cartoon graphics, we executed clear, cohesive, and compelling design across five deliverables. While providing unlimited revisions, it took roughly one month to design, print, and ship all church capital campaign materials to their door.

Church capital campaign materials designed, printed, & shipped to WBBC:

church campaign brochure example ideas materials
Church Capital Campaign brochures Open Gate Fold (8.5 x 14in.)
church invite cards for capital campaign stewardship materials
Church Capital Campaign Event Invitations - Rounded Postcards (4x6in.) 
pledge card commitment for capital campaigns examples ideas
Church Capital Campaign Rip Card Pledge/Commitment Cards (4x6in. Postcard + 2x3.5in. Business Card)
postcard design for church capital campaign stewardship
Church Capital Campaign Postcards Circle (3 in.)
Capital Campaign Letterhead In Envelope Sets ideas
Church Capital Campaign Letterhead In Envelope Sets- Letterhead (8.5x11in.) + #10 Universal Envelope (4.125x9.5)
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July 19, 2024
Church Capital Campaign Ideas
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