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Church Capital Campaign Examples

Debt Reduction Capital Campaign Example of A Lutheran Church

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St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brenham, TX is on a mission to live faithfully, witness boldly, and serve joyfully. We helped them build a church capital campaign to raise $2.6M to settle debt over five years.

In the Fall of 2019, they received a new Lead Pastor. A few months later, the COVID Pandemic would present unique challenges. Also, 6 years prior to the outset of COVID, St. Paul's Church undertook an ambitious project to renovate and enhance its facilities. While it's true that the building updates fortuitously equipped the church for trying times, our client still needed to embark on a fundraising journey to pave a clearer path towards the future. Therefore, this capital campaign for debt reduction aimed to focus their congregation on growing its legacy- not resting upon it.

7 Capital campaign materials for church debt reduction

capital campaign logo for church capital campaign theme, legacy of hope designed by Abstract Union
Campaign Logo & Design Concept- Building upon generations of intentional faith, our client opted to use "Legacy Of Hope" as their church capital campaign theme. The campaign logo illustrated a growing legacy with hints of the human element set within an abstracted tree. The glyph details of "Hope" are similar to the church's fascia. And we reimagined other architectural details and entryway to craft a relatable campaign design concept (see capital campaign case statement design below)
Modern Church capital campaign theme color palette example of Lutheran Church
Color Palette for Capital Fundraising Campaign- The colors of St. Paul's exterior and stained glass were sampled and tweaked into a balanced- campaign color palette. This color system supports the spirit of the capital campaign while connecting with all ages.
Case statement booklet for debt reduction capital campaign, Lutheran Church example by Abstract Union
Church Capital Campaign Booklets for Case Statement (full)- The pearl/oval entryway shape of St. Paul's church is reflected in the design elements and the negative space of the "tree-branch" aspects of the campaign logo. The angular detail of the stained glass we're carried throughout with subtle gold trim.
Case Statement brochure for capital campaign debt reduction for lutheran church
Church Capital Campaign Brochure for Case Statement (abbreviated)- In certain instances and donors, a boiled-down version of the full capital campaign case statement could boast comprehension- thus giving. This particular tri-fold brochure did just that while highlighting the unique beauty of the client's architecture.

Explainer Video for church capital fundraising- We synthesized St Paul's purpose, vision, mission, and campaign goals into an 85-second video. Using just high-quality photos of the client's architectural detail, we crafted a compelling narration and narrative to fully realize their theme.

Pledge commitment card example for debt reduction capital campaign fundraising by a Lutheran Church
Pledge Card for Church Campaign Giving- The card's design focused our client's congregation on the opportunities to give. The elements of the capital campaign theme design were arranged to support this tool for nurturing commitments.
letterhead design for debt reduction capital campaign fundraising Lutheran church theme
Church Capital Campaign Letterhead Design- For the duration of this 5-year debt reduction capital campaign, personalized messages made the difference in boosting engagement. Therefore, this campaign letterhead design made an array of invitational, notification, and update-based content appear more official and pertinent.
Thank you card example for church capital campaign fundraising materials and marketing by Abstract Union
Notecards for Church Capital Campaigns- Card designs are another tool to make information appear more official and personalized. The capital campaign manager needed to thank, invite, or notify various donors throughout this giving initiative. Therefore, this design allotted ample space to craft personalized messages in style- for greater retention and focus.
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July 19, 2024
Church Capital Campaign Examples
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