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Youth Services Nonprofit Capital Campaign Examples for All-Age Donors

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Rawhide Youth Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in New London, WI. They're committed to counseling and residential treatment to troubled at-risk youth, but their physical facilities can't keep up with their growing demand. Even as more vulnerable young people seek help, Rawhide's square footage needed to be revised. With this in mind, they turned to AU, intending to raise $6 million to expand their vital facilities. High-quality, on-brand capital campaign materials were essential, featuring powerful messaging and captivating visuals. Aligned with Rawhide's brand identity, we crafted communication assets to establish greater recognition, recall, and deeper consideration for the organization's goals.

Rawhide shared its brand colors, wooden texture, specifications, and campaign slogan, "Building Hope." We developed capital campaign materials that conveyed how the funds would construct a physical space and a chance at hope, worth, and purpose for at-risk youth. We crafted a clear, cohesive, and compelling campaign to showcase the nonprofit's transformative impact and create awareness about the need for fundraising. And working with Rawhide was no exception, as we were able to convey their message with a touch of modernity while keeping its classic Western roots intact. The goal was simple: help Raw Youth Services connect with potential donors on an emotional level, inspiring them to give generously and make a real difference in the lives of these young people.

Discovering the Strength of  Hope, Worth, & Purpose

We understand the complexities of capital campaigns and are prepared to help you maximize your resources. Securing funding for nonprofits can be complex - relying on an expert who understands the ins and outs is crucial. That's where our team comes in. Our team is poised to assist you in launching a successful capital campaign to inspire a meaningful impact. We've helped countless nonprofit organizations surpass their goals with tailored, effective solutions. Inspiring generosity and motivating giving provide a foundation for building a sustainable future. Our creative approach focuses on engaging potential donors by understanding their interests, storytelling, and demonstrating the real-world impact of their donations. This entails crafting the correct narrative, designing engaging visuals, and identifying the most effective communication channels to reach hearts and minds. 

Unlock impactful giving from a vast donor base with a clear campaign logo.

Building an effective capital campaign starts with a memorable theme. And logos for capital fundraising campaigns can be a powerful visual element that instantly captures attention and generate excitement. 

As Rawhide needed to reach youth and its older supporters, we wanted a campaign logo to include a touch of modernity without isolating a more traditional crowd. We crafted a straightforward wordmark to captivate their audiences and remain in step with their culture, where "Hope" carried a youthful, lasso-like detail. Continuing the Western capital campaign theme, we tailored the aesthetics to appear more elegant by pairing "Hope" with a classic serif font with chic, modern notes. This clear and balanced campaign logo sets the table for relatable visuals, including a more photo-based design to showcase Rawhide's impact on youth. It's just one of the many strong visual assets we crafted for Rawhide to ensure maximum engagement without graphically dividing their base.

Modern Farmhouse Capital campaign Logo design for Nonprofit fundraising
Capital Campaign Logo Design

Add modern layout to fundamental case statement for nonprofit capital fundraising. 

For the case statement booklet design, we wanted to create a piece that would unify the audience and inspire them to take action. To do this, we focused on creating a modern layout with clear and concise copy, ensuring all the essential information was easy for readers to digest at a glance. Also, we needed to use their photography to elevate the story being told throughout the case statement. So, we enhanced the natural light within the photos and used uncluttered backgrounds with candid shots to emphasize trustworthiness and relatability. We implemented bold color transitions and overlays throughout the booklet to further elevate the storytelling aspect. We also worked with Rawhide to ensure that all their photos were quality images demonstrating youth success stories. By utilizing these visuals, we created a strong visual narrative that made it easy for readers to connect emotionally with Rawhide's mission. With this capital campaign multipage brochure, we aimed to help cultivate empathy in readers and ultimately move them towards donating to Rawhide's cause. 

Case Statement for nonprofit capital campaigns, fundraising brochure design of campaign materials
Booklet Design For Capital Campaigns- Rawhide, Inc. - New London, WI - Case Statement Booklet // 6 x 9 in., 12 Pages, Full-Color, Horizontal Layout, Interior: 80 lb. Coated Matte & Covers: 120 lb. Coated Matte 

Capture hearts of all ages with a universally intuitive donor guide.

We streamlined the donor guide into one page for all ages to contribute effortlessly. We strategically emphasized form elements, such as bolding pertinent text and organizing sections logically, to ensure ease of flow from one field to another. Visual cues directed donors to complete the form, and the visually dynamic design brought attention to its sections, inspiring more donations.

Donor guide for nonprofit building campaign, capital fundraising materials examples and ideas
Rawhide, Inc. - New London, WI - Donor Guide For Nonprofit Capital Campaign // 8.5 x 11in., Full-Color, 1-Sided, Vertical Layout, 70 lb. Opaque Smooth White

Set the tone with stunning presentation folders.

By employing presentation folders, donors can easily access all vital information organized and effortlessly. For nonprofit fundraising, submitting a plethora of information is imperative, but offering donors messy piles of loose papers proves to be a nuisance. Offer them a concise and efficient solution- a sturdy folder. It will hold and present all necessary material in an eloquent and thoughtfully designed format. Your audience will appreciate this personalized touch, allowing them to focus on wholeheartedly supporting the cause.

For Rawhide, we crafted campaign folders in a visually engaging, structured manner using bolded text and well-placed typography while maintaining their brand identity with consistent logo placement, colors, and fonts. With this design, we welcomed donors to make informed decisions about the Rawhides message and mission. The cohesion and effectiveness of all campaign materials resonated with donors and increased the likelihood of successful fundraising.

Nonprofit capital campaign marketing collateral, Folders for Fundraising
Folders For Capital Fundraising Campaigns - Rawhide, Inc. - New London, WI- Presentation Folder // 9 x 12 in. (Standard), Full-Color, 2-Sided, 1-Pocket, 16 pt. Premium Matte Cover

Get quality event invitations for greater engagement.

A capital campaign launch event presents a unique opportunity to showcase the significance of your nonprofit organization, clarify your needs, and encourage successful fundraising outcomes. To capture donors' attention and support, a solid design is paramount. In particular, event invitation design can be as crucial as the substance of the launch event itself. What your invitations convey, whether they create excitement and engage prospective donors, can be the deciding factor between success and failure.

For Rawhide, we created effective invitations to appeal to all ages, incorporating classic elements and a modern layout sensibility. The result was a cohesive design that commanded memorable, lasting impressions.

nonprofit  capital campaign launch event invitation design for gala
Invite Cards For Capital Campaign Launch Events - Rawhide, Inc. - New London, WI  - Event Invitation // 7 x 5in., Full-Color, 2-Sided, Horizontal Layout, 16 pt. Matte Cover

Use a custom-designed letterhead & envelope set to create consistent and credible statements.

Custom stationery design is an incredibly powerful tool to boost your fundraising efforts. It makes an indelible imprint on potential donors, which is key when securing funds for your cause. The beauty of using custom letterhead and envelopes is that they lend weight and gravitas to your campaign while elevating the overall impression of authority and credibility. Custom stationery also allows you to reiterate crucial details and phrases about your mission, driving home the core message and persuading donors to give. 

We meticulously designed Rawhide's stationery with a compelling yet understated look, capturing the professional and collected essence of the organization. We sought to balance neutrality and distinctiveness, allowing leaders to fine-tune messaging for any situation. Thus guaranteeing our client could leave a lasting impact on any potential individual donor or partnership opportunity, no matter the context.

letterhead and envelope set for nonprofit capital campaign materials, designs for fundraising
Letterhead & Envelope Sets For Capital Campaigns- Rawhide, Inc. - New London, WI  - Letterhead & Envelope Set // Letterhead (8.5x11 in.) and Envelope (No. 10 Universal - 4.125x9.5 in.), 1-Sided, Full-Color, Edge-to-edge, 70 lb. Smooth White Text

Use pledge cards to generate a more manageable and empowering process.

Commitment cards are an integral aspect of capital campaigns. While raising substantial funds may appear unattainable, breaking it down into smaller increments can increase feasibility. Providing potential donors with pledge cards aids in recognizing the impact of even modest contributions toward supporting your capital campaign. Using cards also instills greater motivation, potentially summoning a community with diverse financial circumstances to demonstrate generosity. Rawhide's commitment card design incorporates photo-based elements to add an extra layer of encouragement and strengthen brand recognition. The extra attention to detail in customizing and streamlining the client's fields provided the necessary structure and framing to inspire action and elevate support.

Nonprofit commitment cards design, examples of fundraising materials
Pledge Cards For Capital Campaign Fundraising - Rawhide, Inc. - New London, WI - Pledge Cards // 3.5 x 8.5 in. Horizontal, 2-Sided, Full-Color, 14pt. Premium Uncoated Cover

Leverage an interest-piquing poster design to maximize campaign exposure.

When time is tight, show, don't tell! Posters can grab attention without overwhelming viewers with information. For capital campaign fundraising, it should be a visually engaging elevator pitch with few words. While posters may offer a snapshot of your campaign, following up with detailed materials - like the case statement booklet - is critical for communicating crucial campaign details.

For Rawhide, the focus was on highlighting their new facilities. By incorporating building renderings, potential donors could envision how their contributions will make a significant impact. Adopting appropriate proportions and a layout design ensured that the renderings popped and accentuated the optimistic and upbeat sentiment surrounding their campaign.

Nonprofit poster design for capital campaign building renderings
Posters for Building Campaigns - Rawhide, Inc. - New London, WI  - Posters // 18 x24 in. Vertical, 1-Sided, Full-Color, 80 lb. Gloss Book

Show greater donor appreciation with personalized notecard & envelope sets

Handwritten note cards offer a personal touch that is often overlooked in the age of emails, texts, and direct messages. It is important to keep donors engaged during the campaign, so sending out handwritten thank yous, reminders, and updates can go a long way in showing them that their donations are well-appreciated and are being put to good use. Handwritten note cards also provide an opportunity for donors to feel connected with the campaign throughout its duration, as these carefully crafted notes demonstrate how recipients are a part of something greater. 

We crafted a matching notecard & envelope set for Rawhide that was just as professional and polished as the other capital campaign materials. The card stock used to make the notecards was chosen to be thick and substantive, giving it a quality look and feel. Additionally, the envelopes feature a custom design ensuring a cohesive look and feel from start to finish. This notecard & envelope set elevated our client's donor experience to be more meaningful and handled with the utmost care and respect. We made it easier for staff to send out personalized messages in a cost-effective manner.

Notecard & envelope set for nonprofit capital campaigns, thank you card design for fundraising materials
Greetings Cards For Capital Campaign Fundraising - Rawhide, Inc. - New London, WI  - Notecard & Envelope Set // Notecard (7 x 5 in.) and Envelope (No. 7 - Announcement), 1-Sided, Full-Color, Edge-to-edge, 14pt. Uncoated Cover/70 lb. Smooth White Text

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June 11, 2023
Church Capital Campaign Examples
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