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Church Capital Campaign Ideas

3 Church Capital Campaign Materials & Theme Logo Examples For ACC

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Church capital Campaign Slogan / Theme: "Picture This"

Atlanta Christian Church (Atlanta, GA) aims to be a people growing in the ways of Jesus. Their "Picture This" campaign was very particular in scope and size. They only need few print materials to communicate their objective. Keying in on their pared-down approach, we designed a unique minimalist style for 2 deliverables, executed clean matte-finish prints, and ship them to their door in less than a week.

Church capital stewardship materials designed, printed, & shipped to Atlanta Christian Church:

Logo example for church capital campaign themes, slogans, example
Church Capital Campaign Theme Logo for "Picture This" slogan
church campaign invitation cards design
4 x 6 in. Church Capital Campaign Invitations- Invite Card 
church stewardship campaign brochure examples ideas
8.5 x 14in. Open Gate Fold Church Capital Campaign Brochure 
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April 29, 2021
Church Capital Campaign Ideas
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