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Church Capital Campaign Ideas

5 Church Capital Campaign Brochure Ideas for Better Engagement

Church Capital Campaign brochure designs tend to overwhelm readers with non-essential information, impeding the overall impact and details of their core message. The article and video below suggests 4 easy ways to improve your church brochure design and capital stewardship campaigns.


Churches and businesses alike put time, effort, and resources into developing a variety of brochures that under-perform. They fail to use proper graphic design as a tool to increase reader enthusiasm and comprehension. Their brochures aren’t equipped with clutter-free, bare-essential, cliffhanging content that funnels readers to digital assets – such as microsites and social media profiles to facilitate complex, text-heavy details or stimulate discussion. Use the following design, copywriting, and integrated marketing ideas to gain higher levels of awareness and recall. 

1- Adhere to a Church Capital Campaign Brochure prototype to avoid scope creep.

Before you do anything, it’s important to define the purpose and archetype of your brochure. Here are 3 effective types of Church Capital Campaign Brochures:

Case Statement Brochure— This is an important speech presentation and pledge support tool. Much larger than the average sales, they should have extra photos, pages, and bolder headlines. Case Statement Brochures have to be designed to hold your potential donor’s attention, and also to make sure your audience remembers the scriptural theme once the campaign is complete.

Wisdom Brochure— This medium size brochure aims to inspire prospective donors who show an interest to gain more spiritual knowledge. Use bold text and great quality photos to make people notice your scripture-based capital campaign slogan or theme. Focus the content on carrying out the true mission of your Church, as opposed to addressing the capital campaign needs directly. Any mentions of donations and pledging should indirectly inspire those who weren’t previously aware.

Pledge Nudging Brochure— This brochure should spike your audience’s interest, route them to the digital assets of the church capital campaign, prompt them to ask questions, discuss, browse digital content, and share. It should be a small and bold print design. Use stronger abbreviated persuasive language. Avoid using too many elements on the brochure so that it’s not perceived as junk mail. It should come across as a thought provoking document which inspires online action and community exchanges. They can be dispersed after church events, or arrange for them to be displayed in high traffic areas.

Note: Failure to outline the purpose and scope at the outset will destroy your brochures design’s aesthetic appeal, and you won’t reach your desired outcome.

Also, the 3 aforementioned church capital campaign brochures are not the only prototypes. Analyze your audience on a personal level, and empathize with some reasons why they would NOT make a pledge. Then, you’ll have greater insight on how to create new prototypes for your congregation and donor base. 

2- Establish and maintain aesthetic consistency. It’s a reflection of your worth.

Design consistency and sending a unified message enhances the credibility of your communication efforts. Therefore, the design of your church capital campaign brochure can be highly influential. It should embody the integrity of your Church, and add to the overall visual cohesiveness of your campaign.

The following tips will help you establish the look and feel of your brochure design:

Design Mentality— Aim for an aesthetic appeal that is “genuinely inviting to inspire action” as opposed to “having a strong sense of urgency”.

Text— Use bold headlines, condense copy, maximum negative space, and balanced aesthetics.

Complex Content— Turn pertinent, complex content into infographs.

Imagery— Build higher levels of intrigue by writing copy around highly relevant and impactful photographs or illustrations. Ensure all photographic elements are clear and sharp. Only include them if they truly complement your text.

Layout— Use empty space (negative space) for readers to gather their thoughts, and let the information sink in.

Slogan— Create a church capital campaign slogan identity mark, and make it one of the first elements the reader sees when viewing your brochure. You should use extensive resources when designing this mark. It’s the most identifiable feature of any brochure design and campaign.

Subtitle— Create a subtitle that paraphrases a bible verse and directly underscores your campaign slogan. The proportion of this element should counterbalanced with the main slogan.

Fonts— Use one simple font for the brochure’s running text. Shortlist fonts based on how they aesthetically pair up with the slogan, subtitle, and desired vibe of your church capital campaign.

Color Schemes – Keep your brochure design fresh and exciting by experimenting with Analogous, Triad, and Complementary color pallets. BUT, make sure you don’t overdo it.

Paper Selection— Match the brochure’s paper style with the overall design, motivation, and style. Choose “Paper Stock” for the most cost effective and less durable option. Choose “Card Stock” for heavier paper option with a more plush texture.

Finishing— Think carefully about your paper finish to your design aesthetics. Matte finishes suggest an exclusive low profile. Shiny Gloss finishes are an industry standard option for traditional professional feel. 

3- Use a condensed copywriting style to better motivate.

Skipping, skimming, and disregarding are sworn enemies of your church capital campaign brochure. Long sentences can interfere with your power to engage, persuade, and/or inspire. They add bulk, causing readers to scan, skim, or skip. You should also choose your words carefully to fully connect with readers. Almost 75% of 2-3 letter words are skipped, while 8 letter words are more favorable. Here’s an interesting read on how to write less and say more .

Your church capital campaign brochures should: 1) move your audience to experience the spiritual messages and lesson surrounding the slogan/theme of the campaign or, 2) motivate them to move forward through the subsequent stages of making a pledge. Consider the following points to make your brochures and print material more digestible and fluid:

- Any large body of text in your brochure copy should be subject to a reductive rewrite.

- Any sections or paragraphs that doesn’t directly usher your audience to make an educated pledge decision, should be considered for omission, or must be published on your digital assets.

- Don’t try to answer an excessive amount of questions in a brochure. Your “extra information” can unnecessarily clog your pledge funnel. Put the most obvious questions in one of your brochures. Then, constantly monitor and update a long format FAQ’s section within your digital assets.

Here are some questions that might inspire you to reword and re-prioritize content sections for better engagement: 

- What elements of your brochure inserts enthusiasm, and makes church stewardship less technical and business-like?

- What are the main ways our capital campaign will have a positive impact on the lives of our potential donors?

- What are the facts and figures that strengthen the need for pledging?

- Are there any opportunities or incentives to motivate potential donors to act faster?

- How will potential donors express their inquiries before moving on to make a pledge? 

Note: Concision helps comprehension. Weed out any elements that might obstruct clarity or dampen enthusiasm. 

4- Integrate your Church Capital Campaign Brochure with other print & digital marketing deliverables.

If you’ve made it this far or are reading this closely it’s because: 1) you need a more effective brochure than the church industry’s status quo templates; 2) you just want to pull out all the stops on your next brochure; 3) you’re generally looking to beef up your capital stewardship campaign model or church marketing.

Here’s the big takeaway… Ideas number 1-3 will give your brochure a better look and feel. However, the greatest results will come from building attention-grabbing print materials that delivers “the essentials,” and routes your audience to your church’s digital marketing assets. It’s not too hard or expensive! Think about building a brochure site or microsite and social media accounts just for your church capital campaigns or church fundraising efforts as a whole. Here are a few more reasons why you should integrate print and digital:

A) You’ll be able to flexibly edit and update any load bearing details – such as FAQ’s, dates and times, point persons, contact information, etc. (You can’t edit printed materials).

B) You’ll still cater to the less digital-savvy portion of your audience, while opening up new, easier channels to better communicate with the growing digital-savvy portion of your base.

C) Less-wordy print materials are more effective print materials! Most of your details will be better received in the digital space, where your audience can select what they want to know. Navigating bulky print fundraising content might be complicating the action of giving, or at least, it triggers them to scan, skim, or skip critical content.

D) You’ll actually be able to build a community of donors, where the communication and knowledge sharing around your capital campaign theme can be two-way.

5- BONUS Church Capital Campaign Brochure Idea!

This brainstorm and dissection of ideas could go on and on, but here’s a better idea than the 4 mentioned in this article: To achieve clear and concise brochure designs that truly resonate with your congregation and donor base, get all of your Church Capital Campaign Materials created under 1 roof. We help churches build better capital campaigns by integrating custom communication materials for print and digital media. 

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