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Engaging Nonprofit Campaign Materials for Young Life

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Young Life is a Christian ministry that reaches out to middle school, high school, and college students in all 50 of the United States and more than 100 countries worldwide. Our client was the Morgan County (Decatur, AL) chapter of Young Life, a nonprofit organization that fosters leadership and prayer for students while building relationships to meet every kid with the love of Jesus. The Young Life staffers unconditionally love them, whether they follow Him or not. Consequently, countless young hearts have been touched by the weekly club meetings. We aimed to bolster their ability to spread hope and offer guidance.

Building Young Life’s Nonprofit Fundraising Campaign with Creative Assets

Often, youth simply need love, empathy, and understanding. For these necessities to thrive, the Morgan County chapter needed to establish a permanent space. And after obtaining an incredible new facility, Young Life needed staff and support funding to sustain itself. Workers, office expenses, travel costs, and more are essential to keeping the nonprofit growing and thriving. It launched the "Building a Foundation" fundraising campaign to emphasize its need to grow the organization within its new space. But limited resources made it difficult to reach that goal. 

That's when we stepped in to help them launch a comprehensive nonprofit fundraising campaign with the right communication assets to reach donors. And donors play an indispensable role in maintaining ministry operations- IF we engage with them meaningfully. Young Life looked to distribute various items directly to interested parties as part of this fundraising campaign. Flyers and posters were a traditional option, but we opted for a creative approach. Our inviting package contained all the necessary tools to captivate the audience, making it easier for them to comprehend the Young Life mission. By presenting information in this striking manner, it's more likely that Young Life would remain top-of-mind with donors.

Reach Wider Audiences with difference-making campaign materials

Successful fundraising often hinges on memorable, relatable, and innovative capital campaigns. In fact, a compelling campaign that sets your brand apart can elicit increased support and financial generosity. To achieve this, we specialize in creating bespoke marketing tools and assets that reflect and amplify the unique identity and core of each ministry to spread Christ's love. 

Collaboratively, we can craft inventive collateral that infuses your capital campaigns and nonprofit marketing with fresh, modern elements. This approach helps you realize your highest aspirations by reaching and engaging more people with your message.

Craft an expressive campaign logo that captures the essence of "who" and "what."

We designed a derivative campaign logo that reimagined our client's brand symbol as a badge. With its sleek Architectural sketch-styled trim, it perfectly portrayed the "Building a Foundation" capital campaign theme. By incorporating Young Life's accent brand color, we added vibrancy and drew attention to the construction elements being built, unfinished, and in progress. Using geometric shapes interacting with negative space added to the overall effect. The reimagined brand symbol became iconic for the "Building a Foundation" capital campaign theme. It brought consistency and integrity to the materials' look and feel, retaining the essence of the client's original symbol with a new, refined aesthetic.

Nonprofit capital campaign theme logo design for building fundraising for Young Life
Nonprofit Capital Campaign Theme Logo // Young Life - Decatur, AL

Present your capital campaign materials in a distinctive way that sets you apart.

Thoughtfully crafted capital campaign materials can showcase an organization's goals while also demonstrating its commitment to effective donor relations. By crafting materials with intentional aesthetic appeal, nonprofits can captivate donors from the outset, inspiring deeper engagement with their mission. Such an approach yields enhanced donor communications, relationship building, and enduring support for a meaningful cause.

In collaboration with Young Life, we produced distinctive donor box packaging that transcends the typical case statements and campaign letters. This package design offered Young Life's supporters a tangible and memorable connection while also clearly communicating their message. By providing premium materials in an expertly designed presentation, we delivered a polished pitch to potential donors, ensuring the desired response rate and impact.

Modern nonprofit fundraising campaign ideas and examples to raise capital for building projects
Nonprofit Capital Campaign Packet Box // 8 x 8 x 4 in., 2-Sided, Full-Color, 16pt. Glossy Cover // Young Life - Decatur, AL

Use an abbreviated case statement brochure for captivating clarity. 

We tailored the capital campaign case statement to clearly focus on Young Life's mission. We used their brand colors throughout the brochure and kept the same architectural sketch style of the package design for visual continuity. Additionally, we highlighted key facts and figures for potential donors in an easy-to-read format. 

This approach ensured that the core elements of their proposal remained at the forefront while utilizing imagery to draw attention to new details or contextualize information. By delivering a condensed yet captivating presentation, Young Life made an impression on supporters in a short amount of time. This effectively harnessed the attention to garner higher levels of support. 

Unique nonprofit capital campaign brochure for building fundraising materials design
Nonprofit Capital Campaign Case Statement Brochure // 21 x 7 in. (Folds to 7 x 7 in.), Trifold, Full-Color, 100 lb. Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish // Young Life - Decatur, AL

Create a comprehensive commitment card to better align with donor interests and expectations.

To ensure donor interests are prioritized, it's crucial to have a commitment card that clearly outlines expectations and your asks. The card should be easy to comprehend by potential donors. It should invite constructive comments and questions to refine and enhance the giving process. Donors should also be able to communicate which areas of the program deserve greater resource allocation. With this information, staff and volunteers can better align with donor expectations. 

To help donors remember their pledge commitment, we introduced a unique "rip bookmark" feature to Young Life's card design. This optional addition serves not only as a practical reminder but also adds a touch of distinction. The modern design infuses professionalism and enthusiasm, aligning perfectly with Young Life's visual brand identity and capturing the Building A Foundation campaign concept's spirit. The overall result is a remarkable nonprofit pledge card that inspires a higher level of giving.

Minimal nonprofit campaign design for pledge card and capital fundraising
Nonprofit Capital Campaign Rip Pledge Card //  7 x 7 in. w/Perforation, Full-Color, 14pt. Uncoated Premium Cover // Young Life - Decatur, AL

Forgo standard return envelopes to ensure messages of gratitude are read and returned.

A custom return envelope is a crucial element of any capital campaign. It serves as an opportunity for donors to express their appreciation for the cause and return their donations. This simple act creates a tangible connection between the donor and the cause, instilling a sense of ownership that further deepens their involvement.

A custom return envelope is more than just a practical necessity. It's a powerful tool for reinforcing a campaign's message and can be tailored to create visual impact that generates buzz among potential new donors. Engaging donors is key to any successful capital campaign, and a custom envelope can make all the difference. 

We created envelopes for Young Life that elevate the donor's experience. We aimed to foster a greater sense of belonging to our client's mission, leading to more generous and sustained giving over time.

capital campaign envelope design for thank you letters and invite cards for nonprofit fundraising design
Nonprofit Capital Campaign Pledge Return Envelope // 7.25 x 5.25 in., 1-Sided, Full-Color, Edge-to-edge, 70 lb Smooth White Text // Young Life - Decatur, AL

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June 11, 2023
Church Capital Campaign Examples
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