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Church Capital Campaign Examples

Leadership Guide & Church Capital Campaign Material Examples for FWC

First West is a multicampus church located in Louisiana. They want to see people changed by the Gospel to live out their Christ-Centered purpose. Their 1-year journey aimed to raise $6.53 million for ministry budgets and phase-one renovations. The church capital campaign consultants at Life Catalyst lead the way. And we crafted campaign materials to mobilize their community.

When exploring creative names for fundraising campaigns, there's much to consider. One must predict what will resonate best with an audience. And the backdrop of a capital campaign timeline can be challenging. First West's campaign paralleled the harsh realities of COVID-19.

Their team explored various church capital campaign theme ideas. "Looking toward the next 100 years," they decided to go with "See To It." This was a mission-focused mantra they've used as a running theme.  Using it as a capital campaign slogan served as a sequel. It bridged the gap between their ministry's mission and church fundraising.

Yet the continued use of the phrase demanded fresh capital campaign graphics. We couldn't just rework their previous "See To It" designs into new content. Monotonous design, without a different context, would have hindered results. We deviated the design from other "See To It" content. Preserving the Church's identity, we built upon their brand design. We crafted custom capital campaign materials. And the strength of the aesthetics portrayed their message with distinction. Aiming for a higher degree of impact during unfortunate times, it was essential for their campaign to stand out.

Examples of multi-deliverable church capital campaign materials with leadership guide

Best church capital campaign theme and logo for slogans, nondenominational church, Materials for First West
Capital Campaign logo- Using a display-ready script and san-serif font pairing, we crafted this wordmark logo to uses a similar weight, niched detail, and italic forward-tilt as their First West "F" symbol.
Capital Campaign Colors- We "lockdown" their dark-blue brand color and used it as a base to layer more dynamic colors. Overall, the use of a more vibrant campaign color palette better projected the sentiment behind their "See To It" capital campaign theme.
How to case statement examples for church capital campaign brochure, booklet design for First West
Capital Campaign Case Statement Brochure + Design Concept- Our client's leadership felt that the best capital campaign brochure concept would be one that elevated their culture. We've crafted a design concept that deconstructs and reimagines First West's church logo. It features vignette imagery with "peer-through" shapes to illustrate the "see" aspects and vision-forward dynamic of the campaign theme. Reinforcing the sense of movement within this flat design concept, we implemented outlined echoing phrases. And straightforward typography sets were used to better balance with the peer-through/see-to-it imagery. We used subtle block, circular, and angular details to remain in step with First West's arrow brand concept. These techniques aimed to feature their culture through photography and created clean spaces to display text and underscore phrases, thoughts, and ideas. This is an example of a  24 pages, 6 x 9 in., and Horizontal Layout capital campaign booklet
church fundraising pledge card for capital campaign materials design and printing services, Abstract Union
Pledge/Commitment Card // 3.5 x 8.5 in., Horizontal Layout, 14 pt. Uncoated Cover // Church Capital Campaign // First West in West Monroe, LA
Return envelope for  pledge card and capital campaign materials package by Abstract Union
Return Envelope // No. 10 Universal (4.125 x 9.5 in.), Full-Bleed, 70 lb. Opaque Smooth White // Church Capital Campaign // First West in West Monroe, LA
Letterhead and envelopes for church capital campaign fundraising letter
Letterhead & Envelope Set // Letterhead = 8.5 x 11 in., Vertical Layout, 70 lb. Opaque Smooth White + Envelope = No. 10 Universal (4.125 x 9.5 in.), Full-Bleed, 70 lb. Opaque Smooth White //
Envelope for capital campaign materials package, modern design, nondenominational church design by Abstract Union
Packet Envelope // 6.5 x 9.5 in., Horizontal Layout, Full-Bleed, 70 lb. Opaque Smooth White //
capital campaign leadership guide, multipage letter church fundraising materials by Abstract Union
Leadership Guide // 16 pages, 8.5 x 11 in., Vertical Layout, 80 lb. Gloss Book //
capital campaign folder design for church case statement examples
Presentation Folder // 9 x 12 in. (Standard), Right Pocket, 16 pt. Premium Matte Cover //
Capital campaign leadership guide presentation slides, modern campaign materials by abstract union
Slide Deck // 1920 x 1080 px., Standard Presentation Slide Background //
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