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Church Capital Campaign Examples

On-Brand Church Capital Campaign Materials, Ideas & Examples For FBC

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An on-brand church capital campaign is critical for any church wanting to connect with its local community and beyond. Professionally designed campaign materials are crafted to look attractive and make a statement while aligning closely to the style and manner in which the church presently communicates its mission, values, and objectives. At Abstract Union, we understand the importance of designing effective church capital campaigns that capture the attention of potential donors. That's why we created custom campaigns for FBC (First Baptist Church) that incorporate their core values in order to engage more people in their fundraising goals. With our help, FBC was able to craft an inspiring on-brand capital campaign backed by appealing visuals and compelling messages.

Rise: FBC's Mission to Serve and Impact the College Town Community Through Expansion

First Baptist Church (Bryan, TX) aims to make disciples of Jesus Christ who share Him at home, in their community, and worldwide through worship, fellowship, and accountability. FBC approached us to initiate a $16 million church capital campaign for extensive facility renovations to support its growth. The proposed building plan involved revamping the worship center and fellowship hall and constructing new ministry spaces tailored to college groups, high schoolers, and children. With an additional 35,000 square feet, this college town community was set to reach new heights. Thus, the capital campaign theme "Rise" appropriately captured the essence. All that remained was the need for on-brand capital campaign materials to effectively convey their vision and long-lasting impact on future generations. 

FBC tasked us with crafting clear, unified, and engaging campaign materials aligning with their sophisticated brand and resonating with their 2,500-plus congregation. They designed the campaign logo in-house, bypassing our campaign logo service options. However, producing all capital campaign marketing collateral in-house would increase costs and burden their human resources. So they sidestepped the capital campaign learning curve by leveraging our expertise, aiming for a multimillion-dollar goal. Our ability to collaborate with their communications team while preserving their brand identity was crucial. We created a variety of on-brand communication assets, ensuring their congregation would instantly associate the new building aesthetics with the FBC brand and ministry. Additionally, we maintained clarity, contemporary messaging, and modern layouts to portray this new chapter for their church. And foster higher giving levels.

Unlocking  Multimillion-Dollar Goals

Fueled by divine grace, church building campaigns allow congregations to witness, celebrate, and spread God's blessings. We carefully examine each church's objectives, style preferences, and audience to craft effective communication assets across print and digital media. Catering to diverse denominations, non-denominations, and diverse demographics, our full-service execution and custom designs will better resonate with your congregation, inspiring generosity. 

Investing in more creative custom materials for a capital campaign is an invaluable asset to organizations. Not only do these types of campaigns require strong organizational skills and strategic planning, but they also demand high-quality visuals that effectively story tell and compel. Our team of experienced designers understands the importance of visual communication in creating successful campaigns. Explore our capital campaign material services to learn how we assist churches with distinct needs in realizing their kingdom-building goals.

 Design a Campaign Logo in-house, or we got it!

Before contacting us, their team already chose the "Rise" symbol and wordmark logo for optimal brand recognition, while not a prerequisite for working with us. Based on their provided logo and brand guidelines, we developed tailored capital campaign communication materials specifically for FBC Bryan. This blog post illustrates our ability to maintain brand consistency. This entails adhering closely to a church's core look and feel, as effective church capital campaigns require varying levels of consistency to spur action.

Following FBC's specifications, we incorporated their capital campaign theme into all materials while skillfully drawing from their existing church branding to effectively tell their story. Our designs perfectly balance familiarity and modern flair to generate excitement and inspire higher giving levels. The communication assets achieved a strong association between the presentation of the building campaign and the overall church brand. 

church capital campaign logo  for Rise theme, modern design for building campaign
Capital Campaign Logo Design Services- Tailored communication materials for FBC Bryan were developed based on their pre-selected Rise symbol and wordmark logo, following their brand guidelines.

Utilize a multipage booklet to effectively communicate the most compelling capital campaign case statement.

When designing the core deliverables for FBC's capital campaign, we knew conveying the clearest case statement possible was important. That's why this multipage booklet was crafted to provide an organized and comprehensive look into FBC campaign goals. A multipage booklet design can be a better asset when brevity falls short of illustrating significance. With an effective design, it paints a vivid picture for those who skimmed through it but also offered a deep dive. Each page is designed to build off one another, creating a natural journey to break down the details, build excitement, and showcase all that is inspiring and unique in this kingdom-building project. Plenty of donors want to know the nitty-gritty, the finer print. The campaign booklet included a proactive case for giving, renovation renderings sequenced to detail the plan, and a clear call to action to get involved. This gave members a more in-depth view and the opportunity to understand how their gifts could change lives for generations.

Case statement design, multipage booklet for church capital campaign materials thats photography based
Church Capital Campaign Booklet Design - FBC Bryan - Bryan, TX // Church Capital Campaign - Multipage Case Statement Booklet // 16 pg., 6 x 9 in., Full-Color, Horizontal Layout, 100 lb. Gloss

Opt for a brochure to convey a concise and compelling case statement.

A brochure is typically brief and concise, while a multipage booklet allows for in-depth information. A brochure succinctly presents the construction project and encourages participation through a clear call to action. In contrast, a detailed booklet showcases extensive capital campaign case statement specifics. It provides ample room for elaborate plans, visuals, and renderings, promoting a deeper understanding and engagement with the project. Both print materials effectively encourage thoughtful consideration and giving, though suitability depends on the campaign's complexity and scope.

Thus, the FBC Bryan capital campaign brochure complemented the booklet by clearly and succinctly representing the project's goals, needs, and objectives. The brochure aimed to attract donors by emphasizing the significance of their contribution. For example, it showcased the benefits of the new facility for FBC Bryan families, such as versatile spaces for worship services. Furthermore, it stressed the value of donations regardless of size and their lasting intergenerational impact. The blend of clear text and appealing visuals offered an accessible and digestible overview of the campaign's intent and progress while maintaining visual harmony with the booklet. It conveyed to prospective donors FBC Bryan's commitment to completing their capital project to serve God and the community better, and it increased engagement through attention-catching supplemental handouts.

brochure for church building campaign, capital fundraising materials by Abstract Union
Church Building Campaign Brochure Design- FBC Bryan - Bryan, TX // Church Capital Campaign - Folded Case Statement Brochure // 14 x 7 in. (Folds to 7 x 7in.), Half-Fold, Full-Color, 14pt. Dull Cover w/ Matte Finish

Craft the right pledge card to simplify giving and commitment.

FBC needed a pledge card to simplify the giving and commitment process while identifying the church's exact financial needs as clearly as possible. Although a large sum of money can seem daunting, it's crucial to emphasize that every cent contributes to the overall goal. Bundles of smaller donations can lead to remarkable results. Illustrating this concept to each member fosters a sense of importance in achieving the objective.

A well-designed pledge card not only serves as a reminder of the commitment made but also enhances the efficiency of the donation process. An impactful pledge card should be user-friendly, clearly indicate the pledged amount and any associated payment plans, and provide essential details such as fund allocation and deadlines. Crafting a customized pledge card for FBC ensured that all materials related to their capital campaign maintained a consistent look and feel while offering an effortless way for members to express their dedication.

Commitment card design for church capital campaign theme
Pledge Card for Church Capital Fundraising- FBC Bryan - Bryan, TX // Church Capital Campaign - Pledge Cards // 3.5 x 8.5 in. Horizontal, 2-Sided, Full-Color, 14pt. Premium Uncoated Cover

Consider display boards to keep campaign objectives top-of-mind.

The fresh and daring design of infographic signage effectively simplifies the complex fundraising process. While a pastor's explanation may pique interest, providing captivating visual aids unifies the congregation around the key objectives. Display boards excel in capital campaigns, keeping objectives top-of-mind while presenting information in an easily digestible manner. This is particularly advantageous for highlighting and breaking down intricate concepts like capital fundraising campaign goals or building campaign phases. Developing display boards for capital campaigns, we carefully considered enhancing comprehension of campaign content, visually welcoming more participants to embrace the vision. Combining renderings, color schemes, and logos, we crafted a concise layout aligned with the FBC brand to create the ideal visual aid. It helped with communication between FBC's capital campaign managers and congregation members.

Display board design for church capital campaign infographic of goals
FBC Bryan - Bryan, TX // Church Capital Campaign - Display Board // 36 x 24 in., 1-Sided, Full-Color, 1/2 in. Foam Board

Adorn capital campaign booths "to set the table."

Having a booth for your campaign not only gives congregates an opportunity to grab materials but also allows them to communicate with capital campaign managers properly. This is beneficial because it allows members to ask questions and provide feedback in an environment where the managers have the time to answer questions in an open and friendly manner. Additionally, setting up a booth provides a visual appeal that can shepherd congregation members to get involved and contribute. Having a designated area that looks inviting can go a long way in helping to reach fundraising goals. To achieve this for FBC, we crafted a matching derivative table cover design. The client wanted congregates to leave the booth knowing what the capital campaign was all about, with plenty of information and resources to refer back to. The table design helped make things look presentable, neat, and organized. 

Table cover for church capital campaign  booth design
Display Boards for Capital Campaigns- FBC Bryan - Bryan, TX // Church Capital Campaign - Table Covers // 6 x 2.5 ft., 1-Sided, Full-Color, Polyester Fabric

Make a bolder statement with Background Display Banners  

Adding a Background Display Banner to FBC's campaign booth made a bolder statement that caught visitors' eyes and invited them to explore the building project. Not only did it help to create a visually stunning display, but it also served as an invitation for visitors to explore the building project and learn more about its goals. With its vibrant design, background display banners effectively showcased the objectives of the church's capital campaign and engaged people with the project.

church capital fundraising display banner design for Baptist church
Display Banners for Building Campaigns- FBC Bryan - Bryan, TX // Church Capital Campaign - Background Display // 10 x 8 ft., 1-Sided, Full-Color, Polyester Fabric with Pole Pockets
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May 28, 2023
Church Capital Campaign Examples
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